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problem with the importing wizard



I have a dll which I want to import to the Labview project. So, I decided ti use the import wizard, but when parsing the header file, Labview freezes. I am using a couple of structures (3) and a handle. I have also read that the wizard has problems when dealing with complex data. What would be best solution for adding it to the project? To in a way "unbundle" the struct and then create a many simple variables and then parsed to dll.  (This would be a pain)

How to deal with the handle or will wizard easy understand that?


I am really looking for a painless solution 🙂 


thanks for the help



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Which LabView are you import the DLL? Is the LabView 32 or 64 bits? what is the DLL 32 or 64 bits???

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Can you post the header file for the DLL?

Through a process of trial and error you could determine which functions causes problems with the wizard (comment out half the functions, attempt to import, repeat) and then manually create the LabVIEW VIs for the troublesome ones. If there aren't too many functions, you could do it all by hand, which isn't that hard if you have some understanding of C (and if you don't, you'll undoubtedly have other problems when the wizard doesn't do the right thing).
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