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problem with subvi locking up mainvi

I have a main vi where I am trying to use a tab control with subpanels inside of it to call subvis. I am slowly adding the subpanels one by one and the first one I added has given me a problem. The main vi uses an event structure with buttons on the front panel to switch between tabs. To call the subvi I used a call by reference node because I need to pass data into and out of the subvi. When I put everything together and try to run the main vi it locks up with I push the button for the sub vi. The subvi appears in its subpanel the way I want it to but it doesn't let me click on any of the controls or button within the subpanel or in the main front panel. In order to end the vi every time I have to hit abort instead of my stop button.
Did I miss something when I set up the call to the subvi? or is there a better way for me to be calling the subvi?

Message Edited by Intern Liz on 04-02-2008 10:48 AM
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Is the event set up to lock front panel until event completes?  If so, you will want to uncheck that option.
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I am not sure. How do I check/change that option?
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Right click on the event structure, select Edit event Handled By This Case, Uncheck the boolean at the bottom.

Uncheck this.

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that was the problem. thank you so much.
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