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problem with subVI

Hey can someone help me to make the block diagram exactly as this one calles yep.png image?






I tried to make exactly the similar one but I am not able to change this subVI. I mean the subVI should be exactly the same as yep.png image but I am unable to achieve it. My obtained image is no.png image which is attached on this document.I will be waiting for someone help.



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Hello I am building a program. My problem is mentioned below: 

I am writing similar program like this picture. Iam able to make the diagram as shown below. One of the subVI is not going to change.It remains almost same. I want exactly as the first image. How can i do it?My obtained image is given below:



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I'm assuming you are new to the Forums and haven't seen the numerous comments that you post code, not pictures of code.  Where did you get the code whose pictures you show?  If any of it exists as a .vi LabVIEW file, please attach it!  We can't do anything with a picture except look at it -- with code, we can move it around, execute it, look up functions we don't know, read the Help, etc.  We can even run it and see what it does ...


Bob Schor

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This seems to be a duplicate post.  Only ask your question once, and do not post pictures of code, but post the VIs, themselves.


Bob Schor

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LabVIEW programs are defined by the connections, not by the cosmetic arrangement. You should try to create a VI that is functionally equivalent, no matter how the diagram looks.


We cannot tell what you actually want. Do you have the subVI show in yep.png? What is the significance of all the other code at the bottom of no.png?

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