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problem running command w/ DAQ 9172


I'm pretty new to Labview, as I just separated from military service and have a new job. The issue I'm running into is with the Inst I/O express VI, I'm entering a query "*IDN?" for the DAQ 9172 instrument with the 9205 and 9472 installed in the chassis. It is giving me a "timeout expired before operation completed" message. When i click details it reads this: "Timeout expired before operation completed.   VISA Status code : bfff0015"...I don't know what that means. I have tried to ts to the best of my knowledge, if anyone can help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it. I know the chassis works fine, i have tested that aspect. Thanks.



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*IDN? is an inquiry command for querying instruments that may be connected to a serial port or a GPIB bus.  Things like stand alone multimeters, signal generators, network analyzers, oscilloscopes.  Although not all of those devices are guaranteed to support the command. The instrument I/O assistant is designed to work anything connected to a serial port or a GPIB bus.


What you have is a DAQ device made by National Instruments.  In order to work with that, you need to use the DAQmx drivers.  Inst I/O assistant won't work with that.  But there is the DAQ assistant which is the Express VI equivalent to I/O assistant that works with NI DAQ devices.

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OK. I'm in this predicament because I'm following the directions associated with the familiarization lessons for getting started w/ LabVIEW. I have the DAQasst subVI on the block diagram and it runs fine with the NI DAQ chassis, I guess just figured the next step in the lesson (to run the Inst I/O asst subVI) would also work with the same DAQ chassis. But since that appears not to be the case, then I'll just skip it. Thanks for your help, and good luck against the Broncos.


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