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obtaining activex reference from activex container

I have a VI with an embedded MediaPlayer activex object inside an activex container.  Additionally, I have a seperately run VI which I want to be able to control the MediaPlayer obejct in the first VI.  These VIs are opened seperately, so I cannot pass information directly from one to another (i.e., I can't directly pass the MediaPlayer activex reference to the second VI directly).  Therefore, the second VI obtains a reference to the activex container object by searching the first VI's controls and filtering by label.  I can typecast the control reference to the level of activex container, but from there I have no way of obtaining a reference to the object embedded in it.  Is there are way to do this?  The "To more specific class" function does not accept activex references for typecasting, and the automation open does not accept activex container references.  I've searched through the forums, and while there is plenty on activex references and containers, there doesn't seem to be anything that addresses my issue.
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I'm not 100% about whether this will work, but give it a try. Once you have a reference to the container, use the 'Value' property. This will give you a variant. From here you can use Variant to Data, connect a MediaPlayer constant reference to the type input and you should get the correct reference out.

Also, you could simply get a reference to the VI with the ActiveX control and use the method 'Control Value: Get[Variant]' to get the value of the control instead of getting a list of all the controls and searching for the one you want.

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