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.net component manipulation

I'm trying to convert the following VB code that operates the included .NET component to LabVIEW code. I have not been able to determine how to code line 7.


Is this possible?


1. Dim ResMgr As New SCResMgr
2. ResMgr.EstablishContext(SCardContextScope.System)
3. Dim Reader As New SCReader(ResMgr)
4. Dim ReaderList As New ArrayList
5. ResMgr.ListReaders(ReaderList)


6. Dim strReaderName As String
7. strReaderNames = ReaderList.ToArray(GetType(System.String)


I included how I coded lines 1 through 5.



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Think you forgot your attachment. However, here is a simple VI that does what I think you're looking for. I'm not a VB.NET guy, but it seems that lines 6-7 are incorrect - you first define a variable as a string, and then give it a string array?
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