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need to control a Mountz torque tester

Hello all.

Torque tester is USB device, but does not as a COM port in device manager. Comes with its own GUI app that works correctly, but i need to do different things that what the app does. I have the .dll file i'm told i need but still dont know how to connect Labview to it. i also don't have the command set, but that is a different issue.

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Let us leave LabVIEW out of the question, if you were developing on some other language such as C, C++, C# .NET or Python, do you have information on how to use the DLL?


If you have, then it is pretty straightforward* to use it in LabVIEW. If you don't have any sort of documentation on how to use the DLL, you've to reach out to the supplier of the DLL for that information, as LabVIEW is just a programming language (graphical).


* conditions apply, involving callbacks are tricky

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