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myRio Joystick

I have used a Joystick successfully on a myRio but for a different application I am trying one not on the approved list of joysticks (which is only 3). It recognises the joystick as the FGT Rumble3 in 1 ok but the data it gives out is rubbish. Using the test program the LEDs just give a quick flash when I press a button and the X axis data only goes up to about 200 and resets itself back to zero again and again as I change the direction.

This is in contrast to when I run a similar program on LabView itself on the PC - it works perfectly then. I realise that these are differing platforms but is there a way to get the myRio version working?

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LabVIEW uses Microsoft DirectX (I believe) to handle Joysticks and Game Controllers, and doesn't itself deal with the raw signals coming from the Controller.  The myRIO doesn't have the Microsoft API built in, and it (almost certainly) isn't part of its RT OS.


Bob Schor

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