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multi-task data logging with DAQmx

I was wonder is it possible to use 'DAQmx Configure Logging' VI and 'DAQmx Start New File' VI for multiple tasks?  I'm doing synchronized high speed DAQ with NI PXI-6133 cards.  Each card (there are 16) must have its own task.  Although the DAQ is continuous, the user (software trigger) determines when data is saved to the disk and for how long.


In my scenario the test length could be up to an hour with various test events scatter throughout.  The users want to display the data during the entire test length.  However they only want to write the data to disk during an event.  The event could last from 10 sec to 1 min.  That is why the users want to control when data is written to the disk.


DAQmx Logging seems to work for a single task only, but I need to do multiple tasks.


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If you pass the same file name to several tasks the TDMS file will contain groups for each task.


Toggle logging mode between "OFF" and "Log and Read" to save only the portions of interest.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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My application is based on 'Analog Input -' found in the enclosed examples in LabVIEW.  The first PXI-6133 in the chassis (PXI-1045) is the Master and all of the other cards are slaves.  How exactly would I insert 'DAQmx Configure Logging' VI?  The errors begin at the 'DAQmx Start Task' VI for the 2nd slave.

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I've attempted to implement your suggestion, but I still do not acquire data for all channels for all tasks.  I've enclosed my VI.

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