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motor control

motor control

i am programming the Brushless DC motor  BX Series by using DAQ NI USB 6009 with Labview software... i would like to control the motor movements like forward(CW)/backward(CCW) with speed and timer control... i don't have much basic of labview software so we are facing some difficulties in pin assign for programming...  We attached you my connection diagram and hope you can help us.. Can I bother you to send me some examples of motor control with speed and timer? .. I will be so appariciate if you help us..20131003_115150 (729x999).jpg

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Re: motor control

1. You cannot use 6009 to drive it directly. You need to connect 6009 DO to a relay as illustrated, and make sure that relay consume less current than 6009 can drive.
2. You need a pull up resistor between output to +5V to connect to 6009 DI.
3. If your application need to do a precised speed/position control, 6009 may not be a good option, since it uses software timing control.
4. In any cases, you should start from LabVIEW tutorial in
5. 6009 DIO example is available in Help>>Find Examples>>Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx>>Digital Input, Digital Output. These examples are compatible with other DAQmx devices as well.

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