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maximum length of tdms file

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Hi Wonder if I could be advised, really cant be learning the hard way again!

If we log at 500kS/s into TDMS file, Is there a length/size after which data is not added into TDMS columns anymore? Or it continues logging till windows throws message that system is running out of memory?


Many Thanks

K Waris

ATE and Labview Consultant
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As far as I know, with TDMS, you'd be limited by the size of the hard drive long before you were to reach any row number limit.

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I assume it's the file system limitations. If you're e.g. using FAT32 it's 4GB max file size. If using NTFS it should be 16TB(!).


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Hi K Warris,


It is like Yamaeda says, in general it will be limited by your file system on your operating system. So for FAT32 the theoretical max file size is 4GB and for NTFS it's 16EB (16 million TB!!).


More information can be found here:


Hope this helps?

Joe P
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