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matlab script function in labview

Joshua B. hello.
I tryed the rate of 1000 and it's working,thank you Smiley Happy
but I found new problem,if you remember I told you that now I can  get the pulse from my ELVIS II and send another pulse back to the output (aoo) and it is working.
today I tryed to get 2 pulses from my ELVIS II,and it gave me Error. 
I know that if I want to get 2 pulses i should write like I saw on example (ai0:ai1),but I want to get 2 pulses on separate way, and controling  each of them.  
can you give me your email and I will send you my program.
with best regards.
Dinerman Zori
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Google is a great resource in finding out what could be the cause of the error. A search for error 50103 produced KnowledgeBase 4T6CQKBP: Causes of NI-DAQmx Error -50103 "The Specified Resource is Reserved". It looks like Case 2 fits really well...

Why are you still using the DAQmx Functions and not the DAQ Express VIs? If you are going to use the DAQ functions you should take heed of my recommendations in my previous post (you might not have gotten error 50103).


Also, may I suggest using the MathScript Node since your script is really simple and does not use any MATLAB specific functions?


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Joshua B.
National Instruments
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Joshua B hi.


I need to finish my project in 3 weeks from now.

I saw the DAQmx example, understood it and know how to use it,but I didn"t understood the DAQ Express.

so i prefered to use DAQmx functions.

for this moment I did in my program the procedure, which geting value from input (AI0) puting it to the matlab script,making calculation,and giving the resault to the output generator (a00),but in my project I need to get 2 pulses from the input,get them to the matlab script and giving the resault to the output generator (a00),when I try it it give me error,I don"t know how to separate the 2 values of input,and put them to matlab script each by one.

I would like to send you my program in LABVIEW ,but I don"t know your email.


with best regards.


Dinerman Zori

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Joshua B. hello again.


I succeed to get 2 pulses from the kit and get out another pulse from matlab script,but I have big delay between the input and output.

Do you have some idea how to improve it?


with best regards.


p.s: I wan to thank you for helpuing me ang giving me the ideas how to improve my project.


with best regards


Dinerman Zori

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