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list box empty strings/values


I'm trying to extract values from a list-box. When I have empty strings in the list-box my  output number array shows zeros(I mainly have this problem for the last rows). I would like to go through thte string array and then check for empty strings. If the string is empty it should not convert it to a nuber i.e. zero but go to the next row. Result: My numeric array will have values only when that row is actually entered in te list box.

I have attached the screen shot of the sample subVI. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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I've made a VI that does what you need.

I've attached it to this message, and a screenshot of it in case you don't have LV 8.2

Let my know how it works.


P.D. As a suggestion attach your screenshots as images instead of Powerpoint files, it's easier to see the images and faster Smiley Wink

Robst - CLD

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Thanks Robst..that was exactly what I was looking for.. and sure... will post screenshots...want everyone to see the Q's as easy as possible..:)
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