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hallo zusammen


habe ein kleine frage


weisst jemand warum kann ich nicht die beide diagramme in die letzte signalverlaufsdiagramm  3 sehen.



noch eine frage wie kann man eine Signal erstellen,die  die werte von eine Excel Datei  lesen???


vielen dank



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 try to write english questions...


Alles gute




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You should really start using a catchy title for your questions. Every question you post here is titled "labview", which (for a LabVIEW forum !) applies to probably every single thread and is thus not informative at all. Please put some keywords from your question in the title.


 1. Your third graph will update once both inner while loops have finished. This is due to the magic of dataflow. 🙂


(You should really use latch action buttons to terminate loops and set the condition to "stop if true". Much cleaner!)


2. The example finder has some examples for dealing with excel files.

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hello together  here is my answer in englisch 🙂

have a small wonder 

anyone know why I can not both charts in the last waveform see Diagram 3. 

still a wonder how you can create a signal that the values of an Excel file to read? 

thank you very much
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Your question regarding the graph update has already been answered by altenbach - dataflow.


Your other question about saving the data so that Excel can read it: As mentioned you can use ActiveX to write the values directly into an Excel file, or (easier) you can use the Write to Spreadsheet File function. This will save the values into a tab-delimited text file that you can open in Excel.  Keep in mind that you will need to extract the array of values from the waveform datatype.

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