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hello together again 🙂

I now send the program what I did but I have little trouble


1) the first signal is running normally but the second signal (right corner) is not running in the graph for both signals


 2) second problem, I just want the right corner signal to run, and if I want the second sinusoidal signal then run through a button.

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this question seems related to this thread, but still has no meaningful headline...
Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2020 on Win8.1/10+cRIO
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I have a pdf file, as the signal should look like.

and if I try both signals on a graph depict the ersre not see? ß

I want one of the two signals only show when I print a taste? and the other should normally run from the beginning
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Continue in the original thread.  Don't add any more replies to this one.
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