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I'm doing projects on fall sensor using accelerometer.. After saving the data in text files format through Labview.. I'll then do standing and sitting down position.. Then ill transfer the data through microsoft Excel to view the wafevorm data.. Since there is a lots of data coming through, I didn't know how to extract only the standing and sitting position waveform.. Could anyone help me with this... An example will be great..thanks..

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Congratulations on coming up with an original username and subject for your message.  With nearly half a million messages in the LabVIEW forum alone, you've come up with a message title that will clearly distinguish your question from all the others.


Before anyone can help you, you are going to need to ask a more specific question.  Help with what?  You are talking about a "standing and sitting down position" which means nothing to anyone else reading your message.  Why do you want to transfer the data through Excel (and what does "transfer through Excel" exactly mean) to view the waveform data?

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Kindly elaborate your problem further,


Are you getting standing and sitting down position values seperately ?

Why are you transferring the data to txt then excel?



Sorry i did'nt read Ravens msg





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Just like what I mentioned in your duplicate post:

If you cannot tell the difference of sensor reading between sitting and standing position, no one can help.

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