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labview runtime engine

My company is running LabView Runtime 2009 sp1 on Windows Server 2003.  We are trying to run 2 LabView executable's as 4 instances, in addition to 1 LabView executable as 1 instance.... to make a grand total of nine instances running simultaneously.   The first 8 instances we have no problems with.  All load very quickly, the ninth will eventually load, but it takes approximately 5 minutes before it will load, which isn't really functional.  LabView seems to run up to 8 without a problem.


So basically I'm wondering: does the runtime engine limit how many instances of the executable can run, or limit the total number of executables to 8? Is this just a restriction of 2009 sp1, or will this happen with all versions of labview runtime engine?


Thanks in advance,


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It sounds more like you have greedy loops in the source code hogging up all available system resources.  What does the task manager have to say about the load on the cores?

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The server has is a 32 bit system with 8 cpu's, and each cpu is only running at 3% including OS usage.  There is 4GB of memory available and we are currently only utilizing 2.3GB.  The executables are using 69MB 0% CPU (x1),  50MB 0% CPU (x4) & 70MB 0% CPU (x4) respectively.  So our system resources are not being taxed.  

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Is the 9th one also slow if opening solo? It might be some network/resource issue.



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No, the 9th one, when opening solo, opens very fast.  We only see an issue with a 9th instance calling the runtime engine.  I will look into the posibility of network resources being restricted to our server.  I think it is likely related to network resources being limited or the labview runtime engine.  

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why don't you try changing the 2 instances of 4 into templates and dynamically call each of them 4 times dynamically and dynamcially call the 9th item. see if it slows down.


I have a main VI that calls 13 executables running in parallel with no problems. Granted they are charting programs and do not take much resources. If you get them to work with slow startup, you can say that it is a possible labview run-time issue.

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