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labview on more computers

If I buy one version, for example the full version, of LabVIEW, can I use it on all of my computers or is it protected to prevent this. Some of these programs made by other developers use some sort of KEY attached to the parralel port. only the computer with this KEY is able to run the program.
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The single license agreement states that you are limited to a single computer. The only exception is that you are allowed to install LabVIEW on a single computer at home provided you use it for work related purposes. That's my interpretation of the agreement. I believe the license agreement is somewhere on NI's site but I don't know where.

The current version does not have either a hardware or software key. The next version will have a software key. Before you install it, you will need to request a key from NI. The key will be tied somehow (MAC address, hard disk id, or something) to a specific computer.
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Hi memmo

If you have the will power and the time 😉
the license agreement is here

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Ah!!! there it is!!! nifty litlle thing aey... those license agreements... :-p.

I work hard I just don't like reading.... tnx for the tip though.
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