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kpci 3100 series is totally unsupported for news LabView's versions??

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I've been reading other post (here!) looking for a work driver for Labview new versions, but I didn't get good results (keithley ask). As you can see KEITHLEY doesn't have in mind to update the driver in short time.


Is totally deprecated kpci 3100 serires adquisition cards for NI LabView or I could find an alternative (like convert the driver for new version or an indirect way to make it works).


The keithley offers APis to works with this cards. Is difficult create a LabView  driver?? Where can i find info to make it? I like let operative this card in Labview 2009 (or other interface) but I don't want waste much time on this work, so if you have a idea or you can guide me on an posible solution, I appreciate a lot.


Thanks in advance.



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As noted at the top of the main page, post old code to the upconvert thread.

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Thanks dennis!!


Neither I had not noted nor I can find  this topic from the  top now Smiley Indifferent, but thanks for the reference. I hope someone could help me there.



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