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issue with buffer size while using network streams

hello, I'm currently trying to send thermocouple data from my pxi running labview RT to my host pc. im able to send actual data but over time the code will either slow down or halt entirely. i don't know if theres just too much data being sent at once or if my code isn't written correctly. i would like it formatted so if the network stream fails it wont stop my code entirely but i'm fairly new to labview and struggling to figure it out. if someone could help with some sort of threading on this it would be greatly appreciated i attached both the daqmx code for the pxi and the host pc code. 

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here's the vis

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I have a few recommendations:

  1. Refer to the shipping example "Simple Network Streams" which shows how you can monitor the number of elements in the endpoint.
  2. Monitor the loop rate to see if DAQmx or Network Stream Write might be slowing down the execution on RT VI.
Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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