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issue regarding generating multiple tone sweep signal using rfsg

Hi Everyone

      I want to generate a sweep signal with multi-tone data, to achieve that I have created multi-tone IQ (cwTone1, cwTone2) data for each specific center frequency (cf1, cf2)
The issue now arises with RFSG, that it is not able to change its center frequency on the runtime for each tone, which is causing the generation of multiple tones on wrong values. I am using RFSG script to make this code and, am not proficient with the script language of RFSG. 
So in short I need to pass cf1 for cwTone1 and cf2 for cwTone 2, what happens is the code first processes cwTone1 and cwTone2 for cf1 and then it processes again for cf2, then repeats the whole process which is increasing delay time in pulses.

Kindly any help would be appreciated

query sweep.JPG

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