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is there a possipility to add to https POST function timed interval?

how can i add directrly to POST function time interval?

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Are you adding this POST functionality to a VI? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by timed interval? Could you be more specific please?

Rob S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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i have temp logger output on the left... 8 thermocouples..


and signal goes to 4 place on the right: by the time interval given on the right "Wait  (ms)"


1. text what is coming out

2. to google spreadsheet with https POST function

3. to excel file

4. graph to show


and my question is .. how can i put different interval for those 4 signal



so that my exel file is saved every 10 min.   

POST function is 1 hour

graph 1 min.

text 1 sec.

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Where's your while loop? With that and a couple of elapsed time functions, you can save at various intervals. A more robust scheme would be a state machine.
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this all is in my while loop..

problem is.. if i make another time interval loop and another and another and all with different time , then only one time interval is for all loops  .. i dont get it:(


and i cant get  this signal line out of my while loop also:(

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That makes no sense. I said use the elapsed time function.

You should rethink your architecture. While the elapsed time function should work, a producer/consumer design would be more robust. You also have a lot of unnecessary code. Your conversion and concatenate string functions can be replaced with single Format Into String functions.
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