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is the USB 9211A a better alternative to using a pci 4351 with a tbx 68t connector block?

Hi as i am using a TBX 68T connector block with a pci 4351 card which uses the traditional ni daq, would it be better for me to upgrade to the USB-9211A which uses the ni daqmx programming? and does this require the tbx 68t as an accessory on the usb 9211a or does the usb 9211a have all the connections on it for a direct thermocouple attachment?
I am using type K thermocouples.
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The USB-9211A has screw terminals and no other accessories are necessary to connect the thermocouples.

Upgrade ? A temperature measurement is generally a simple task and therefore DAQmx will not bring you much advantage. But there are other advantages for the USB-9211A :

  • Portable solution that can be used on different computers
  • Compatible with SignalExpress (DAQmx)
  • All in one (no accessories)
  • Cheaper
On the other hand, you will loose the 8 DIOs of the PCI-4351.

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what do you mean by 8 dios? digital I/O?

the reason i think i would like to change is because i am having a lot of difficulty writting the program for it in traditional daq, and find daqmx slightly easier.

any suggestions?



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Yes, DIO --> Digital Inputs and Outputs.

Indeed, it will be easier to program your application with DAQmx. You can then use the DAQ assistant to configure the task and then convert it to a LabVIEW diagram if you want to set more options.
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Hi Notay,

If upgrading to a USB-9211A is an option then I would definately recomend it. Tradional DAQ is our legacy driver and we no longer develop it or develop new cards that need it. If you are starting a new application then using DAQmx will give you much better long term support options also it will make integrating any future DAQmx hardware very easy.


Jon B
Applications Engineer
NI UK & Ireland
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Hi Jon, thanks for all your help!
i also have a pci 6111s card connected to a scb68 which is used to measure analogue voltages, because the 4351 is traditional daq, does that mean that i will be unable to relate the two together? as i am thinking of making a single program/code which relates both measurements and records them in a text file so that i can manipulate the data in MS Excel.
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Hi Notay,

You can certainly create an application that will measure from both devices and then save the data to a spreadsheet file. However you will have to use the two separate drivers to aquire the data so it would be a little more difficult than if both devices were DAQmx.

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Hi Jon,

if i was to aquire the USB 9211a, would i be able to convert the program that i have for the 4351 which is tradtional daq to daqmx? i have uploaded the file.



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