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installation procedure corrrect?

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installation procedure corrrect?


I've been trying to get familiar with labview 8.0. The aim as of now is to read data from the serial port using the exmaples provided in labview.

but the "VISA Resource Name" does not display the com ports at all.


Since I am new to labview, am not sure if all the "required" components were installed. I have attached the screenshot of the various windows during installation and others.

(the measurement and automation explorer was not available in the first place. later I made an installation form the 'bin' folder. But the configuration tree came up empty)


any help on would be appreciated.



kannan kariraman

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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: installation procedure corrrect?

Seems like you have to uninstall and install visa once again

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Re: installation procedure corrrect?

thanks muks,


but can i re-install just VISA alone(how?) or should i re-install LabVIEW itself?


kannan kariraman

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