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how to programmatically check the error messages of a broken vi using labview scripting

Scripting functions in general do not work in the run-time engine.  Meaning these functions only work in a full blown development environment.  Also if you are intending on running these functions on already built EXEs, the VIs in those EXE generally won't have a block diagram, so no error checking can really be done.  It will be compiled code at that point.


Oh and those INI keys are only for the development environment to show private functions.  The code still runs fine without the INI keys in there.

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oh thats good to hear!

i intend to make this code an exe and make it go through source code vis. im guessing by using this property, i can't make an exe?

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Well no this method is not available in a built EXE.  This type of function generally would only be useful in a full blown IDE which is partly why it is not available.  


But that being said it sounds like each of your computers are going to have a full blown IDE on them, since these machines are going to have VIs and source code.  So why can't a VI be ran on that computer which uses these functions?  You can have VIs ran inside LabVIEW using the command line, and you can have the VI run automatically when opened.  Other options are invoking a VI using a QuickDrop command, or running it from the Tools menu in LabVIEW.

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