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how to open avi with 'motion jpeg' codec

I am trying to open avi files stored on sd memory card from a casio exilim camera. Prism shows it as being a 'motion jpeg' codec. 'Open AVI' VI thows up an invalid avi session code when I try to open with labview. I'm using Labview 2011.

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Do you have motion jpeg codec installed? 



George Zou
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No, I haven't been able to find any mention of it on the NI website. I just upbraded to LV2011 hoping the 'Open avi" vi could handle these new codecs but alas it can't. Most commercial players have no trouble loading/playing these avi's. I was hoping someone might know of a patch or something to allow the 'open avi' vi to read these files. 

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LabVIEW AVI VIs rely on the installed codec to encode/decode.

You need download a codec for the motion jpeg.

It's very easy to find a free codec for it online.  Search bing or google instead of NI.


George Zou
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Hi , I downloaded and installed the motion jpeg avi codec as suggested. Restarted the computer. Open Avi still gives me an 'invalid session' error.

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Hi al capern,


It looks like you have an ongoing thread here for the same issue. I spoke with Ben regarding this issue. Please continue working with him in the other thread as this issue is better suited to the Machine Vision boards. Thanks for your cooperation!

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