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how to get older VAS version

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I have VAS 2016_02 version. But it is not compatible with my Labview version(2011). So I installed the VAS 2014_02. But when I run the setup file, the window which is attached, shows up and nothing is installed. So how I can install the VAS 2014_02? 

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This is a pretty big forum, with a vast diversity of knowledgable people. However, for those of us who are less knowledgeable, would you mind unabbreviating "VAS"? As a suggestion for your issue, I might suggest looking for "VAS 2014_02 mirror", or even going as far as to email your vendor who probably has a copy available for download.

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Accepted by topic author kevser

Have you tried uninstalling the 2016 version of the VAS before installing the earlier version or do you need to have both versions on the computer for some reason?

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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I think VAS = Vision Acquisition Software


Bob Schor

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As others have pointed out, VAS is Vision Acquisistion Software.  In case you were curious, it was on the installer screenshot he posted.  (I'd generally expect an installer screenshot to include the name of the software for security if nothing else)


I'd follow Jacobson's thoughts and ensure you removed the newer driver.  It's likely seeing you have a newer version installed and trying to prevent you from accidentally rolling it back.


You might want to be careful with word choices in the future.  "Getting" software usually brings people with ways to download the software.  You already have the older VAS.  You don't need to get it.  You just need to install it.  After you remove the newer version, let us know what happens with the older version and post any relevant screenshots if you run into issues 😃

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