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how to enter two different arrays into two columns of a multi column listbox

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Hi All,


I have two different arrays of values suppose 1 array A(1,2,3,4,5) and another array B(3,4,5,6,7). I want to write these to arrays into a multicolumn listbox such that 1st column would be array A and 2nd column would be array B.


Thnx in advance

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You can use Build Array to build your two 1-D arrays into a 2-D array.  Use number to string functions as necessary to convert to a 2-D array of strings.  Send that to the listbox.

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Hi thnx for your reply.


But my arrays A and B are already 2D arrays.(sorry for not saying this before).


To describe my objective in brief, I have some controls where in I enter some values. And I have a formula which calculates the result and starts pushing those values in the array(that is array A and B), which is a 2D array. Now I have to display these two arrays in a multicolumn listbox.

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@saki wrote:

Hi thanks for your reply.


But my arrays A and B are already 2D arrays.(sorry for not saying this before).



That is not what you said before, where you actually showed two 1-D arrays.


You can use Build Array with the concatenate setting turned on (right click) to concatenate the two 2-D arrays into a bigger 2-D array.  You may have to use transpose depending on whether you are merging the two in the row direction or column direction.


If you need further help, please post your VI that has sample data saved along with how you want the multicolumn list box to look.

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I still couldnt understand how to do it...


I am posting here my VI. here the 1, 2, 3, 4 are some controls. If i enter any value, the calculated Voltage and current are continously pushed in the array. Now i have display these arrays in the multi column listbox as 1st column be the voltage and second column being the current.

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Accepted by topic author saki


  Hope this helps to go further

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