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how to center loop

I'd like to move 1st loop (the biger one) to cener -correction on x and y axis
if anyone can take a look - pic and data in attachment
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Well, I assume you know where your data come from so you should be able to figure out how to find the "centre point" of that loop, max-min or mean or else...
Then just substract the Xc to the X array and Yc to the Y array.

We can help you with the code if your are stuck but we can do your job for you. Have a try and post your code if your can't make it ;).

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Antoine Chalons

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I did somethng, but I still have problem with the poins.Any idea to correct?
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ok I did itSmiley Very Happy  thanks for..
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I could not make heads or tails of your vi. 

I think this is more what TiTou had in mind.

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should this return anything?, couse it returns nothing to me.please let me know.
well, I found poins(0,maxy) and (0,miny) wih my prog.  but when I substract diference from original loop, the lopp's still not in a center at all
do you know why?should I do something diferent than substract?
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Hi fco,

Are you rewriting the data to a Waveform Graph?  I'm wondering if this might be a dataflow issue.  If you haven't yet, please check out these tutorials on LabVIEW.

Three Hour Introduction to LabVIEW
Six Hour Introduction to LabVIEW

Does the graph change at all after you perform the subtraction?  Are you subtracting the difference from an array of values?  If you need to post some code to make your application clear, please post a very small example that demonstrates the problem.

Best Regards,
Megan B.
National Instruments


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I don't think waveform graphs support loops... at least I cannot imagine a waveform with two values at the same time index. Robot surprised
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