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how can we Export GUI(.exe file) from labview to matlab?

I have created a GUI in the LAbview and created a standalone apk of that GUI which is has the .exe file extension. This GUI is designed specifically for control, monitoring of errors and data acquision of ECU from GUI using CAN communication protocol. Is it possible to export this GUI .exe file in matlab and control the ECU from matlab?  

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I'm not quite understanding why you would want to achieve this but, it is possible to interact with your LabVIEW developed applications in all the same ways Windows allows any inter-application access.   By straightforward command line arguments, TCP/IP, or using Network Publised Shared Variables are the first methods that pop into my mind.  


Of course, direct user interactions are the general case of WHY you build a GUI in the first place so, it begs the question of why you need to replace the User with Matlab.  I'd probably scratch my head and rethink this one through. 

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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