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how can i interface my matlab 2014a with labview 2014?

which toolkit will be used in interfacing matlab 2014a(64bits) with labivew 2014

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I don't understand the question.  What is it that you want LabVIEW and Matlab to do together?  Are you writing a LabVIEW routine, complete with a LabVIEW Front Panel (UI) and LabVIEW code to control devices and collect data, and want to do some specific calculations in Matlab?  Are you writing a Matlab application using GUIDE to create a Matlab GUI, and just want to use LabVIEW for interfacing with devices?  Are you planning to use Matlab for everything except some small bit of code, say controlling one instrument, or doing one particular calculation?  Were you planning to build a Matlab application (an Executable) or run Matlab in its default, "interpreter", mode?  Similarly, were you planning to build a stand-alone LabVIEW Executable, or run LabVIEW in Developer mode?


Bob Schor


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Did you see my response to your question?  I'm trying to offer you some help, but you haven't answered any of my questions, so I don't (yet) know what you mean.  As they say, "The ball is in your court".



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sorry for late reply,
look, i'm basically working on matlab version which i have mentioned above. i just need to take my simulink model (real time signal) to the labview. i need a simulation interface toolkit for matlab 2014. but there is no toolkit present for matlab 2014.. what to do to bring my signal from matlab(simulink) to labview.


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Take a look at the MATLAB script node.

However, the options for input/output data types are limited.

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He wants to bring simulink in, not matlab code.  The MathScript Node you referenced, although by an incorrect name, is designed to bring in simple matlab code.  He wants to run a simulation.

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Hmmmmm.  Mathworks is behind?  Ok ask them when the release is due.


Veristand is a rather nice HIL package and (with some experience) integrates with LabVIEW.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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It's not MathWorks, it's the poster.  They're looking at this:  They're ignoring "This is obsolete. Its functionality has been migrated to the LabVIEW Model Interface Toolkit."


That points them towards:

They can find several relevant links about it here:



But, instead they want to sit around and wait for an obsolete toolkit to suddenly start being developed again.

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i want to run my real time simulink model on labview (in real time), matlab script node you are talking about is difficult as compare to simulink.  

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yup you are right about veristand but i wanna know that it will give real time output on labview or what? i am confused about veristand 

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