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how can i determine frequency (Hz) from a '1d array of digital waveform' from my encoder

hello all,


i am 'simply' trying to get LabVIEW to indicate frequency of a digital squarewave (A or B signals) coming from a rotary encoder.  i have LabVIEW 14 and a NI USB-6363 DAQ.  'For the life of me', i can't get it to work - LabView reports that the two data types are of "different types" and that the "sink is void".  i've tried all the options in the "Convert to Dynamic Data" vi but LabVIEW still reports the same issue.  Any ideas?  (please see my attached vi and jpegs).  i realize i will want to use a better indicator later, but i'd like to resolve the error first.




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It's a little complicated going from a digital waveform to an analog waveform, but see if this works for you.

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thanks for your timely response, crossrulz....i will try!



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