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how can convert the project from sound and vibration assistant to labview code?

HI All,


     I need to generate labview code from sound and vibration assistant? i have pci 4474 card and i configured in sound and vibration assistant according to my vibration sensor.what should i do to convert the project to labview from sonund and vibration kit.

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From Sound and Vibration assistant can you not go to:


 Tools>>generat code>>LabVIEW Diagram


This should create you the Labview code for the system you have set up.


best regards

Graham Green

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

National instruments
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        I tried that  method but i got the dialog box of      "You have attempted to code generate a Sound and Vibration project to a version of LabVIEW where the Sound and Vibration Analysis VIs are not installed. The Sound and Vibration Analysis VIs may be installed to LabVIEW 8.2 or higher."   what should i do to get the vi? should i install any seperate tool kit for vibration?

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There are a few major possibilities for this error:

  1. You are attempting to generate code using a version of LabVIEW older than 8.2.  If you have multiple versions of LabVIEW on your computer, the last one that was used will be the one the code generation uses.  If you have one, launch a version of LabVIEW 8.2 or higher before you try to generate code.
  2.  You installed LabVIEW after you installed the Sound and Vibration Assistant.  Reinstall the Sound and Vibration Assistant so that the support files are correctly installed into the LabVIEW directory.
  3. Your installation is corrupted.  Repair the installation of Sound and Vibration Assistant and you should be good.
Let us know if you none of these works or you have further problems.
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If you have more than one versions of LabVIEW installed than you can also go ahead and try to locate the file for SNV toolkit and try copying them to the 8.2 version folder and than try it out.



Thanks and regards

Anuj Bhansali


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