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help with NI 9751

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I am trying to generate signal using NI 9751 module but couldnot figure it out. Could anyone help me with some basic examples? 

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what's your problem?

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I am using NI 9751 with crio9066 for solenoid injector. Then, I have downloded power train control driver for 9751. In order to understand how it works I opened one of the examples provided by ni for this module. And I have no idea what is going on in the front panel and in the block diagram of the example for 9751. 

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no controler generated on front panle? when you opened the corresponding example? i think the module can control the output voltage and the duty cycle of the pulse. you can find the DAQ (related to your NI9751)controler on program panle.

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refer to above link, hope it is helpful

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Thanks for the help, but I already have those manuals, the problem is I am new in Labview FPGA and with NI devices as well. 


For example I have attached the screenshot of the front panel, and I have no idea what is what I was just trying by pressing buttons and so on. I do not have a guideline where it could be explained how to operate that front panel. 

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all right, could you pls give me the program view of the attached front panel? maybe i can explain all of that.

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OK give me a sec Ill attach all the screenshots.

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I have sent to you a private message. Please check it. 

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