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graph b/w SNR and BER

hello everyone, my thesis topic is ofdm based multiple access techniques. i design an ofdm vi which is good in cascade and i also add a channel which is AWGN and a plot b/w BER and SNR is comes out. my problem is that the graph is not like exponentially decreasing form. in BER the values are nt comes in decreasing way for e.g 1st come out with value 0.501..and then 0.499.. then 0.432.. then 0.5102 and so on. these values are randomly comes out but i want that values comes in decreasing format due to which my graph may b comes out in decreaing format with respect to SNR. people its my basic structure and my thesis is based on it so plz help me wt should i do that my BER values comes out in decreasing format. plz help

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Hi a.g. 

I have experienced the same topic of yours, May you tell me how did you do BER graphic with SNR.



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You do realise the post you're replying to is nearly 11 years old, right?

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yeah, I know that. Do you have any idea about the topic ?

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The problem OP describes sounds more like a numerical calculation issue and not a graph issue. A Graph simply takes the values and plots it, it doesn't determine the values.

As such, his question is poorly formed and it's going to be hard to find a solution to a question that's looking in the wrong place for an answer.

If you're trying to do a BER calculation, how are you doing it? Same goes for SNR...

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