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fuzzy logic type2


i need fuzzy logic type 2 in my project.

how can i make it in labview?




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Have you tried Matlab, which (I understand) has a Fuzzy Type 2 Logic implementation?  [But then Matlab always seemed to have fuzzy logic Smiley Wink].


Bob Schor

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Thanks for your response,
I did simulate robots in labview,

actually I want to simulate my project in labview not in matlab if there is toolkit or ....
to interface fuzzy type 2 in matlab by labview I would be thankful let me how I can implement it

or how can I convert fuzzy type1 to type 2 with toolkits in labview

how can I do it?

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Have you already solved your problem? I have met the same problem as you.

Recently I am reading a book named Fuzzy Logic Type 1 and Type 2 Based on LabVIEW™ FPGA,seems to have type 2 fuzzy LabVIEW toolkit because the book says :' The Fuzzy Logic Type 1 and Type 2 Based on LabVIEW FPGA Toolkit can be downloading from the additional material of the book ',but I can't find the additional materal of the book and don't konw where to download the toolkit.Could you help me?I’m truly grateful for your help.



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you get or not type2 fuzzy in LabVIEW 

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A couple of comments:

  • The referenced book on Fuzzy Logic based on LabVIEW FPGA looks (to me) like a reasonably thorough discussion of Fuzzy Logic and on using LabVIEW Real-Time/FPGA to implement Fuzzy Logic Algorithms.
  • The initial Chapters discuss Fuzzy Logic systems, and also seem to be fairly thorough (I have no expertise in Fuzzy Logic -- I specialize in "Fuzzy Thinking").
  • The Book was written in 2016.  However, reference to LabVIEW mentioned in the Book appear to use LabVIEW 8.2, released a decade earlier (2006).  
  • The Book expressly reserves access to the Toolkits that the authors developed for Academic and Research uses.  They state "It is not allowed to use it in industrial applications without permission from the authors".

My suggestion is to purchase the book, read it, decide if it makes sense for you to develop your own set of LabVIEW Functions that duplicate the Authors efforts.  If not, you can write to the Authors and ask them to send you their Toolkits.


Bob Schor

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