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I am using labview for fault diagnosis, where the input would be numeric values like vibration or temperature reading and after defuzzification i want the output to be a particular type of fault e.g. shaft imbalance or fuel pump faulty.

Now the labview after defuzzification gives me a numeric value, how i use labview fuzzy logic control & simulation where the input is numeric and out is a qualitative fault, not a number??



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You can use the fuzzy logic toolkit to process numeric inputs and determine what the defined output should be.  However, the output value is always going to be numeric.  The key item that you seem to be interested in would be finding out what that numeric value represents.  While I can't give you a precise way to set this system up by itself, something that you could look into doing would be going over the fuzzy logic tutorial listed in Chapter 9 of the 

LabVIEW PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit User Manual.  This document can be found here:


LabVIEW PID and Fuzzy Logic Toolkit User Manual


Essentially, how Fuzzy Logic works is it sets a system of parameters and actionable items to determine how the inputs affect the output of a system.  It does this by simply classifying inputs into specific categories (which are numerically specified) and then outputting a different category, which is just another representation of a numeric range.  Because the output is going to be numeric, I would focus on which values represent different faults on your application and then write in some basic LabVIEW logic to determine what is actually occurring.  Once you have the system set up (best done via the Fuzzy System Designer), this should not be overly difficult.  Setting up the system will be the hardest part, and will depend on how you would like to configure the inputs and outputs.  


Please look over the attached tutorial, which should hopefully explain in-depth how to effectively use the toolkit.




Keith M.

Applications Engineer

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Thanks for the reply. i would redesign/refine my Labview inference system accordingly




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What is the fuzzication type(like mamdani ,sugeno) that is present in LabVIEW fuzzy tool???? there any option to change that????

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