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front panel objects in boxes

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As much as this feels like a really silly question...................

What do I need to do to move a group of front panel objects, controls indicators and such into a box? 

Sometimes it works like a charm, other times I can not put items in the box, they want to go "behind" the box.


Also, whan I try to move a box and it's things into a tab control, all of the objects in the box are "hidden" behind the box, what am I missing?



Michael C. Nedrow
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On the top right of your front panel toolbar is a button that has two circular arrows.  It allows you to reorder the controls.
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Are you talking about moving objects in front of a 'decoration'?

Or putting objects in a 'tab control'?


For the former, select the decoration, then on the top toolbar, click 'order', 'move to back'.


For the latter, just click and drag objects into the control


Edit: Why am I always 1 min too slow Smiley Very Happy

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Cory K
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It probably depends on the order of the objects you are moving and the order of the Box you are moving to.


use the Reorder tool to change the order of the objects.

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Thanks to all


I guessed that it was a silly thing I was missing




Thanks Again

Michael C. Nedrow
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You can also try with Controls->Modern->Decorations->Flat Frame to make your VI looks good. or


Go with anyone layouts in Controls->Modern->Layout ..




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