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I am a third year student, and I am new to LabView and I wonder if someone could help me.


I am trying to simulate a circuit that has a MEMs mirror component like this one:


Does anyone know how I can create this component or use something similar in LabView?


Or even if it is easier to create in MultiSim, I am happy to use that, however I have tried but can't seem to figure out the "footprint" part of creating this component.


Any help appreciated!!!






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Hello Amy,

I have found some documents that should help you getting started with Multisim and the footprints aspect in Multisim. Please click on the link below and the articles should be able to help you.

For more information about the MEMs mirrors you would be better off looking through the specifications of the products itslef and then using that to set up you circuit in multisim.


How Do I Assign a Footprint to a Virtual Component in Multisim? :


How Can I Search for Footprints in Multisim? :


Where Can I Find PDF User Guides of Multisim and Ultiboard? :


How Do I Search For A Component in the NI Multisim Database? :


Hope these help you.






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