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fpga subvi missing while running exe on computer without LV license



I am using a USB 7845R device.

After programming, I generate exe file so I can run the program with the 7845R on a computer without LabView license.

However, I got information missing subVI and external functions as attached.

Is there any file/lib should be included while build the application? I did not find any.

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Hello GuangYang,


Does the executable work correctly when run on the development machine?  Have you tried running the executable on multiple target machines to verify if the behavior is the same?
Is the LabVIEW Run-time Engine installed on the target machine? It is very important that the version of the run-time engine matches your version of LabVIEW. I would recommend trying to build a LabVIEW Installer and deploying the installer to your target machines. LabVIEW will automatically include the required software\drivers needed to run the application in the installer. 


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You probably need to install the NI-RIO runtime drivers on the target computer.


As j_bou suggested - building an installer for your executable will allow you to automatically install the LabVIEW Runtime Engine and NI-RIO drivers with the executable. If you're using a recent version of LabVIEW (>= 2013) it will automatically select which components are in use by your application.

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I did create an installer to include the LabView runtime engine.

Initially, I installed the runtime engine separately on the target computer, but it did not work as the program gave runtime engine error.

It seems the installer resolved that issue.


Then I installed this dirver on the target computer, it's still missing those FPGA subvi.


Then I installed the NI-RIO device driver as below.

Then the computer could not start. The error message is boot manager is missing.


Any ideas?





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Somehow, the computer can start now after a few re-start.

The RIO device driver does resolve the missing vi error.

The driver is huge, over 4GB.

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The computer not booting was probably unrelated to the installation. If you are running as an executable, you should only need to install the 'runtime' version of the driver which should decrease the download/installer size. The first link you posted is the full driver which includes the development tools/toolkits.


If you're using LabVIEW 2013 or greater, when you create an installer for your executable it automatically selects the appropriate device drivers/LV runtimes needed by your application.

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