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error with digital input, need non-buffered task

Helllo all, thank you for taking the time to read this.


I am using a USB-6363 BNC. I want to take data from the 16 analog BNC inputs and 8 BNC digital inputs at the start of a trigger that will trigger both analog and digital.

The problem is on the 6363, the 8 digital BNC inputs are port1/line0..7 (or PFI0..7), and when I start my vi, I get

"Error - 201062 occured at DAQmx start


Selected lines do not support buffered operations.

Ensure only lines that support buffered operations are being used in the task. If using change detection timing, the task must be changed to non-buffered to support these lines."


I am not trying to use change detection. I have a trigger that triggers my analog channel, then using "Get Terminal Name with Device" I use this as the digital trigger of the digital lines. I have tried setting the buffer to 0 using Configure Input, as I have seen work for change detection tasks, but that doesn't help my problem (I've tried).


So I want to ask if I am out of luck or if there's suggestions to accomplish what I want some other way.

Thanks again to all.


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Does the code work without triggers applied? Could you post your code?




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Hi there,


Sorry for the very late response, I was working on this and didn't realize anyone had replied until I ran into trouble again.


I decided to go with the change detectionfor the digital lines, as it seemed I really couldnt find a way to use the sample clock on the digital lines while triggering off of anything. If you find a way please let me know.


What I have now (the basic idea) is attached. I have the analog channels on a sample clock and the digital channels performing change detection. The problem I'm having is I want the analog channels to start off an external trigger and collect a certain number of samples. At the same time I want the digital task monitoring the digital lines and recording any change detection, but I want this to stop when all the analog samples have been collected.

This way the loops can start over again and the analog can wait for the next trigger and record the number of samples again while the digital lines do their thing.


Any ideas?


thank you for your time and help

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Also, the way I had it before was just using the sample clock on the digital lines instead of change detection. and the ai/StartTrigger as the trigger input of the digital lines.

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 Is there a particular error that is occurring? It would take a bit of work to get the VI in functioning order. Could you point out which parts you're having trouble with?


Eric E.

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