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error 6

I don't understand why i have an error 6 in my program. The first part works well and the 2 others after are the same.
I din't see the problem.
It's a delete program, i tried with and without sequence structure and the way of the file is without error it exists.
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Well, I'm not sure about your problem, but it generates error 6 also on my pc because... 😧 is my CD drive and there is no disk intoSmiley Wink.
How do you know that the single parts are working if you get the error? And what you mean with "the way of the file is without error it exists" (perhaps adding the French version would help)?

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The first part of my structure works well because i tried it and it's good. I would say path of the file, excuz me. So the path is good and on the forum i read
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that error 6 is a problem of unidentified location.
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Error 6 in many cases seems to involve some kind of hardware problem. If I set a non-existing directory (and even a non-existing drive) I get error 7 instead.
As I wrote earlier I get the error for 😧 because it exists but the operating system is not able to access it.
Try executing a scandisk on drive D:, maybe there is some problem.

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First, wire up all of the error in/error out connections like the attached and get rid of the sequence structure. Then, you can probe along the error chain to see exactly where the error occurs (as opposed to just 'At Delete' or 'At List'). One of your paths is incorrect, the permissions are wrong, or possibly you are trying to delete a file that is open.
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The files are closed the error happens at delete just at the exit. Labview say: "Generic error of function of E/S on files".
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All the paths are correct, so i don't find where is the problem, the generic error.
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Since no one else has your folders or files, it's hard for someone else to debug. What I would suggest is that with each for loop, you add a shift register a build an array of the file paths. I've attached an example of what I mean. You dould do the same thing with the error out to enable you to match the error generated with the file name.
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I have no problem with the file names. It' strange. All looks good.
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