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error 0x1bc


we want to upgrade our application from 486 PC with windows 95 to penthiumII with Windows NT. We are using a third party aquistion card (computer boards inc). Always worked well in windows 95.

We had to configure the new PC with NT to know if we have to check for upgraded DLL (NT compliant). Everything seems in place but as i try to acces the acquisition card, I always get this error : 0X1BC, generated by labview 5.0.
Caroline Paulin
R&D technician
Astroflex inc
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Hi Rouqueen,

By searching for the error code "0X1BC" on Developer Zone, you will find other threads that in many cases mention the use of "Out". Please let me know if that is the case of your VI too. You might want to look at a possible solution like this one:

LabVIEW program will not run on Windows 2000
- Philip Courtois, Thinkbot Solutions

Thinkbot Solutions
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