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deploying library programmatically

i think yo got my point please suggest me what should i do to update the value in main vi as well in sub vi along with historical data analysis

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Hi preet_singh, 


You don't have to create new posts for every explainations. I'm not really sure why you do really need to use ni psp. Unless the main VI is running at the different computer than subVI.


First, what you really want these 2 VI's to do? Are they going to be running on the same computer? 


Let's say, both of these VIs are running in the same computer. Can you remove the functions like Get Shared Variable, Open Variable, Write and etc. Remove the indcator's data binding (make it unbound).


It should be something like below:
main VI.jpg 

May I ask why you need to use For loops? If you have no use of them, you can just remove it. 



Warmest regards,



Learning new things everyday...
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