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Hi, I m acquiring data over ethernet thru UDP Data socket , now i want to display the exact upadate rate at which im acquiring the data(10 Hz or 20 Hz or maybe 50Hz at whatever rate my UDP socket is receiving the data over ethernet). what is the process to do so. Please guide me .I m attaching my vi.Thanx in advance

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From a timing perspective you have several things that will affect your timing data. Both of your While loops have a Wait (50) in them. That means you will not be able to time anything with a resolution less than 50 milliseconds. You are also dealing with 3 UDP sessions within a single loop. The processing of that loop will always be gated by the slowest session. All code within a loop must complete before it can go to the next iteration. If these sessions are independent each should be in its own loop. What specifially do you want to time? What do you want to display? If you want to display the raw data sent/received the UI code should be in a separate loop since the UI updates would also significantly impact the performance of your timing measurements.

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Ok Sir, I got ur point ,each of the UDP receive & transmission processing are to be carried out  in separate while loop .Coming back to my initial question if have only one receive socket (no Tx socket ) in the while loop and i want calculate and display the update rate of receiving socket(i,e how many packets are received in 1 sec) what is the process to do so?I m ready to change my "Wait (50)".Please guide me.If possible attach a example VI.

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