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data acquisition for optical set up

I'm just starting out in Labview with very little programming knowledge. I need to use Labview to control and get data from an optical set up. My set up has 3 main parts that require to be programmed. First I have a laser diode controller. I need to control the current via this system. This is already been done. 
Next I have a rotation mount ( thorlabs K10CR1). The control of this system has already been done using the Kinesis software. Finally I have a power meter, which is thorlabs PM16-120. All I understood about this system is that it comes with a software which displays the parameters when connected. I need to integrate the 3 components. I basically have to control the rotation of the mount (say we start at 0 degree angle), change the current, record its corresponding power. and this process has to be repeated from 0-360 in the rotation mount. Its basically a loop. and this data has to be recorded for analysis. 
However the issue is, I have no idea where to start. I have no technology background and its making it really hard for me to understand what some terminologies mean. For instance, the rotation mount uses .NET, i don't know what that is. and the laser diode current control is through something called VISA. I don't get that either. 
Any help will be appreciated! 
Please be kind since I'm a complete novice. 
Thank you very much. 

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Hi sinsin


Unfortunately it sounds like you have been tasked to do something well outside of your experience or current skill set. You either need to get someone experienced to give "hands on" assistance or start a serious LabView training regime. Trying to embark on such a task with little to no knowledge is not advisable and would probably not result in a robust or even usable solution.


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In order to control thorlabs K10CR1 you will need to use ActiveX which can be obtained by installing the APT for the rotation mount which can be downloaded from here


You can use the pdf from this link to learn how to control the rotation mount using labview

You will get the details for controlling other systems from their respective wesites.

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Hello NeilR,

Thank you, however I do not have much say here. I have to figure this out on my own unfortunately.  

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Hello Kartiknattar,

Thank you. This part is already done. I'm looking for a solution on how to integrate the different sytems. 

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Hello sinsin 

what is your laser controller model number? Maybe I can help you with the vi development

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Hi Kartiknattar,

The LD controller is thorlabs PRO8000. I can show you what is done until now. I'm stuck with the integration part and a consolidated data acquisition. 

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