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create a folder for today

simplest solution is.. if you are trying to create a file inside the folder, then attempt to create the file (using open/create file function).  If error occurs, then create the folder and then the file.

Or else.. use the List Directory (or similar) function to get a list of current directories, search the returned array for the folder name.  If it exists, creat the file else creat the folder and then the file.

Hope that makes sense.

Message Edited by Vikas K on 04-01-2008 12:22 PM
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more simple:
Use the function File/Directory info in the "filefunctions (advanced)" palette. If it returns an error, the path does not exist. Connect error out to the selector of a case structure. This is how it is done in the VI you are missing. (It additionally checks if the file is in a llb, but this is not necessary for a folder.)
even more simple:
Just ignore the error of "create" (connect it to "Clear" or to an empty sequence structure).
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all advices are great..
it is working now!

Best regards,
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