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converting video formats

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I need to convert an AVI file I have created in LabVIEW into somthing more compact. It looks as if I convert it into a MP4 file using a H264-MPEG-4 AVC codec or similar, I can compress the AVI file down to 3-4 % of original size in AVI.

I don't think there are any LabVIEW tools available for the job, but if I could locate an external executable that take some input parameters , so I could run it with the System

Anybody, anything ?.......


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Hi MartinP


As far as I know there is no way of saving as an MP4 directly from LabVIEW, but I like the idea of using System


FFmpeg might do the trick: it takes command line arguments such as:

ffmpeg -i input.avi -q:v 1 output.mp4

You could even string together a bunch of these commands into a batch file and execute that.


[Disclaimer: NI are not responsible for the content of the external link.]


Let me know if this is what you are looking for!


Best regards,



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Yes, it is something like this I'm looking for. Right now I'm working on testing it out using the libav system (avconv.exe), a solution found under .

If I get into problems with this one, I'll go back and test FFmpeg, as you suggest.

Thanks for your input.



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I've also used the command line tools of VLC to convert media files.  In the past I could extract the audio from any video that VLC can play (no need to know the codec) and into any audio format.  I assume the video converting tools have similar command line functions.

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Accepted by topic author MartinP

I can add that the conversion worked very good.

Example; starting with a original BIN file at 15 110 621 KB.

The resulting AVI file was 329 597 KB after converting with the LabVIEW tools..

Then I used the libav system run from SystemExec, and

converted  the AVI file into an MP4 format. This ended up as filesize 14 962 KB. This means a total reduction down to 0.1% of the original, from BIN to MP4. That was a very good result to me.


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can you please show me the step to doing that? i tried but didnt work correctly.




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