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convert from hexadecimal to decimal

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I've recently started working with hexadecimal data. I want to convert a 2 byte hexadecimal string to a decimal number, but the VI which I expect to do that is not quite working out. You can see it attached for an example of what I mean. Any suggestions?

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Hi greg,


this has been asked so many times before: You have to be sure about the representation of your data.


Easiest would be a typecast:

check.png (numeric constant is defined as U16!)

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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Thank you so so much!

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Hey!! Could somebody help me?? I have an labview 2009 and it would be nice if somebody could convert these files (version 4.0.1)  for me! Thx

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ohh i just forgot the file 🙂 

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A better place for your post is the Version Conversion board.

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Sorry and thx for the tip

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I need to convert a hexadecimal output to a decimal number like 200 for C8. Using hexa to decimal is not working for this purpose. So kindly please help

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What are your data types (U8?  String?  I32?) that you are converting from and to?  And be very specific about what you have in your example.  Is "C8" two ASCII characters 'C' and '8' or is it binary C8 with a string data type?

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When you convert a decimal to hexadecimal 200 corresponds to C8 that much only I know, using the converter available in internet, decimal number 200 corresponds to C8 in hexadecimal. So i thik you understand the type,

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