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convert datalog reference to "Generate Report Object Referecnce.ctl

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I inherited a LV6.1 code with lots of reports. The old datalog reference number used to refer to reports was updated to Generate Report Object Reference.ctl. 


In the original code, the first step was to check if the datalog reference number was "Not a Number/Path/RefNumber". But this function no longer works with the new "Report In" Object. Is there something else I can use to replicate this function?



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Here's the cleaned-up VI. The Not a Number/Path/Refnum function on the left needs to be replaced with something. But what?

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Accepted by topic author efarr

Hi efarr,


I'll do what I can to help you with your issue.  First of all, I need to know in which version of LabVIEW you are trying to run the LV6.1 code that you inherited.  You could try wiring your Report In node to another Report Generation function (such as Programming > Report Generation > Advanced Report Generation > Get Report Type) and wire the Error Out node to the case selector terminal on your case structure.  If the Get Report Type VI gets a bad Report In signal, it should output an error which will then control the case structure.  Instead of the "True" and "False" cases you previously had, your cases will read "No Error" and "Error."  Without understanding your entire application I can't be sure that this workaround will cause your program to function identically.  


Let me know if this works.  Hopefully you'll be up and running soon.



Jared R.
Precision DC Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks very much. That worked!


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